Housing Day is just a few weeks away.
Get paid if you get Quadded.

We know this is a stressful time. You might have found your ideal blocking group. You might even have managed all of the drama and fallout. Just for a minute, though, think about the worst-case scenario. You get Quadded.

Quadsurance is here to provide you some consolation in case you do. With a pool of contributions from other Harvard first-years, Quadsurance distributes to those who are quadded 2-4x their original donation.

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currently in the pool

Collected funds will be distributed to all of the participants who get Quadded, proportional to their original contribution. For more information on the mechanics, see below.


given to charity

We don't take a transaction fee or make a profit, so we're donating 10% of the funds Quadsurance receives to the Phillips Brooks House Association's homeless shelters in Cambridge.

A look at our contributions
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How it Works

1. Contribution

Anytime between today and March 7, 2021

Hedge against the risk of getting Quadded by contributing up to $200; if you get Quadded, you'll receive roughly 2-4x your original contribution.

2. Placement

Housing Day (March 12, 2021)

A big day for everyone. If you are quadded (Pfoho, Currier, or Cabot), don’t panic! The total pool will be split between you and your fellow participating Quadlings.

3. Payment

After Housing Day

Show us confirmation that you were Quadded, and you'll become a beneficiary of the Quadsurance Fund and receive your payout.

Ready to Participate?

Send the funds you'd like to contribute (up to $200) to the following Venmo address:


In the payment description, please write your name and Harvard email address so that we can contact you when housing assignments are released. All payments will be private, so your information won't be shared with anyone else or seen by other Venmo users. By sending Quadsurance funds, you acknowledge and agree to our Terms and Conditions.

If it asks for the final four digits of a phone number, use 5597.

Still confused?

Check out our FAQs
Questions? Concerns? Contact us at quadsurance@gmail.com.